Final Fantasy XIV for Xbox unlikely due to cross-platform play on PC and PlayStation

"If we published to Xbox One right now, it would essentially be an Xbox only community," director Naoki Yoshida explained. "An MMO is built on its community, and if it's weak, then what is the point?"


At Sony's E3 press conference, Square Enix announced that its upcoming relaunched MMO Final Fantasy XIV would be console exclusive to PlayStation. An Xbox version is unlikely because it wouldn't be able to tie into the game's cross-platform servers, which allow PC players to play with PS3 and PS4 players.

"If we published to Xbox One right now, it would essentially be an Xbox only community," director Naoki Yoshida explained. "An MMO is built on its community, and if it's weak, then what is the point?"

Yoshida isn't saying an Xbox version is impossible, pointing out that he'd "like to keep that option open." He told Polygon that "we want this game on as many systems as possible and get the game into the hands of as many players as possible, so we won't say that we won't do it."

However, "in Japan, the Xbox is not as popular as it is in America, and maybe you only have a few thousand people who maybe really love Final Fantasy and are playing the Xbox version. But because it's a closed community, you only have this tiny community that is not allowed to play with the rest of the world, and you worry how you're going to retain that community."

The relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV begins this August on PS3 and PC. A PS4 version is expected to arrive next year.

Andrew Yoon was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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    June 16, 2013 6:00 PM

    Andrew Yoon posted a new article, Final Fantasy XIV for Xbox unlikely due to cross-platform play on PC and PlayStation.

    "If we published to Xbox One right now, it would essentially be an Xbox only community," director Naoki Yoshida explained. "An MMO is built on its community, and if it's weak, then what is the point?"

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      June 16, 2013 6:29 PM

      Community part is pretty much true for any MMO. Other than that the Xbox One region list doesn't even have Japan on it yet. If reborn is anything like the original FF mmo, the ability to mingle the English and Japanese communities had a really nice effect on the game overall.

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        June 16, 2013 7:04 PM

        Not just that, but the 360 market share in Japan is in the single digit percentages (I think it's somewhere around 5%). Almost all Japanese games release on a Sony or Nintendo platform, and then maybe get ported to 360. There were some rare 360 exclusive games (one that comes to mind is Phantom Breaker, a 2D fighting game by 5pb: ), but Japanese developers making games for Japan will always go on at least PS3 or Wii U.

        SiliconEra had this commentary when they reported that Microsoft Japan shut down their fan site:

        When the Xbox 360 launched, Microsoft aggressively promoted the console in Japan and signed deals with Japanese developers like Q? Entertainment and Game Republic. They funded Mistwalker’s games, Ninja Blade from FromSoftware before their Demon’s Souls fame and worked with tri-Ace… until they gave Infinite Undiscovery to Square Enix. Year after year, Microsoft keeps scaling back on Japan and it seems like even Japanese publishers are giving up on the console at home too. Konami passed on releasing Metal Gear Rising: Revengance and Silent Hill: Downpour. Namco Bandai didn’t release the Xbox 360 exclusive Dragon Ball Z for Kinect either.

        About the only pending Japanese game I know of that's a Microsoft platform exclusive is Crimson Dragon, which was announced as an XBox One exclusive.

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          June 16, 2013 7:25 PM

          I think the massive RROD issues are a big factor. It got them a "junk-peddler" reputation. I got my slim in the mail the other day, but I'm still fearful that the thing will have issues.

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      June 16, 2013 7:00 PM

      I guess this is an applicable thread to drop some BETA impressions in.

      I was in the previously NDA'd alpha, and now the Beta (which is only 'no video' NDA'd).

      I'll preface this by saying I never played FF11, but i assume there are a lot of systems and conventions that carry over. Lets start off with the positives. This game is fucking PRETTY. The no video thing is kinda kicking them in the ass, if you could see how fucking painfully gorgeous this game is at +60fps w/ everything on, your jaw would drop. The lighting and shadows and everything are just insane for a fucking MMO. I thought guild wars was pretty w/ its painterly style, this is even better. The art style is also 'clear' to me. This is something that made wow so playable. You could be surrounded by 100 people and 40 mobs and still kinda understand what the hell was going on.

      Its also fun, IF you like that old school WoW style of play. Theres no action combat like Guild Wars. Theres also no super inventive quest style with this game. I guess were getting into the negatives, or a mix. I like the WoW combat, if you're a caster and you move, your spell is interrupted. Cast times are a little long (i was just about to unlock an instant cast spell for my 'thaumaturge' (black mage) but there seem to be interesting little systems to each class that make it more than 'spam the nukes'. For the thaumaturge, if you cast your blizzard spells, you get 'cold'. This decreases the cost of spells, increases your mana regen, but lowers your power. If you cast a fire spell, you get 'hot'. When you're hot, your spells cost more, do more, and as such you fucking eat through mana. So the trick with those spells is to sway back and forth between hot and cold to maximize damage and give yourself sustain.

      On to my favorite part of the game, is the class system. YOU ONLY NEED TO MAKE ONE FUCKING CHARACTER. That one character can be any god damn class in the game. At level 10 (class level 10 for your starting class, your character never levels) you can just walk up to any of the other core class trainers and learn that class too. Yes, you'll have to level those guys up independently, but as a guy who ALWAYS makes a mage, maxes level, then makes a tank and maxes that to get both types of experiences, its nice to just have that option. I was in a dungeon during the alpha as a healer (YES the holy trinity is in the game, and i cant believe im saying this ITS AWESOME :: stares at guild wars 2 and its terrible dungeon experience ::) and some archer gear dropped. No archers, so they gave it to me as i was also leveling ARC.

      The downside? Its a fucking MMO. Kill 10 rats ALL DAY LONG. Some of the story for the main quest is interesting (in a normal final fantasy WTF IS GOING ON sort of way) but yep, at the end of the day you're doing fetch quests and killing rats. That said, I realize after playing WoW for years and playing 2 Guild Wars 2 characters to max w/ my wife that what I want out of MMOs is dungeons and raids, and FF14 has them. And they're good. I even got a sleep spell as a Thaumaturge, so i can see CC being needed in some of the higher dungeons.

      Also downside, its a 12 dollar a month sub ( 15 for more than one character, which really isnt needed, see above). Hopefully people actually sign up for the thing because as YoshiP above says, community is everything.

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        June 16, 2013 7:26 PM

        The game is really awesome. I've been playing since phase 2 and I crave each weekend that it's up.

        You summed up a lot of good points. My favorite part is only having to level one fucking character.

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        June 16, 2013 8:15 PM

        I'm enjoying it, but I only got about 7 hours of play in.

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      June 16, 2013 7:06 PM

      Someone needs to introduce Yoshida to the Elder Scrolls MMO people.

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        June 16, 2013 7:13 PM

        BTW: Yes, I know why they're doing it (control schemes). Still kind of sucks to be segregated.

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      June 16, 2013 7:10 PM


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      June 16, 2013 8:08 PM

      does any multi-platform MMO have cross-platform play?

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        June 16, 2013 8:14 PM

        The only MMO that I know of that does cross play is FFXI: it does PC, PS2 (and to an extent: PS3) and Xbox 360.

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        June 17, 2013 3:57 AM

        DCUO I believe has cross platfroming as well.

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      June 17, 2013 6:43 AM

      who plays this game? I want Phantasy Star Online 2 on Xbox one!!!!

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