DmC: Devil May Cry demo coming to consoles

Capcom has announced that a demo is coming for the console versions of DmC: Devil May Cry, but was mum on the possibility of a PC demo.


DmC Devil May Cry may have a divisive new haircut and gaunt look, but fans will likely shrug and accept it so long as it controls like classic Devil May Cry. We liked what we've played so far, but you'll also be able to get a taste with a demo coming some time before its planned 2013 release.

Joystiq reports that at New York Comic Con, producer Alex Jones said a demo is planned for the console versions. He didn't, mind you, mention anything about a demo for the recently announced (and outsourced) PC version. Capcom also announced that Mundus from the very first DMC will come back as the ruler of the underworld, which one would think makes him the primary antagonist here too.

Capcom also debuted a new trailer at NYCC, which you can see below:

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