DmC Devil May Cry PC outsourced, coming after consoles

Capcom's being pleasing chatty about PC editions of its games lately. Following word that work on Resident Evil 6's PC port could only begin after it was finished on consoles, comes news that it's outsourced the PC version of Ninja Theory's DmC Devil May Cry and it'll be released later than its console siblings.

Producer Alex Jones told Eurogamer that the alternate-timeline beat 'em up's PC version is being developed by QLOC, which has previously worked with Capcom on games including Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken.

"Because it's being developed out of house by a different developer from Ninja Theory, there are logistical things involved," Jones explained. "But the plan is to get it out shortly after the ship date for the console version."

Capcom released a few new screenshots at the Tokyo Game Show too, showing off Dante's demonic Eryx gauntlets, along with a new trailer: