Satisfactory gets 1.0 release date in September 2024

The 1.0 Update to Satisfactory will bring a wealth of final changes to resource spread, recipes, research, power generators, and more.

Coffee Stain Studios came out with a massive announcement over the holiday weekend: Satisfactory is officially about to leave early access on Steam. The game has been growing for years as the players supported it through various tech updates, world updates, and even a move to Unreal Engine 5. Now, with a few final major content additions and tweaks, Coffee Stain finally believes the game has the polish it needed to hit its Update 1.0 milestone, and it will hit that milestone in September.

Coffee Stain Studios announced the Version 1.0 release date for Satisfactory in a new video on the state of the game this last weekend. Satisfactory officially hits Version 1.0 on September 10, 2024. It will remain on PC for now, but leaving 1.0 opens the door for interesting new opportunities we’re sure to see down the line. It also comes with a wealth of content and updates that will affect various corners of the Satisfactory experience. For one, you'll be able to flush the toilet in the HUB now. Glorious plumbing has arrived. Behold:

The map is seeing some major shifts in terms of resources in Satisfactory, with some resource nodes being moved, others being added, and a few being eliminated to make more sense to the topography and promote player exploration. Recipes are also being adjusted with a focus on reducing need for Computer and Heavy Modular Frame components at later tiers, reducing the overall need of these supplies and hopefully helping players have more fun with less stress as they progress through later tech trees.

Research, generators, and further optimization are also discussed in Coffee Stain’s Steam developer blog post on the update. Be sure to read up on what’s ahead and stay tuned to the Satisfactory topic here at Shacknews as we get closer to the game’s release date.

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