ShackStream: Time to buy a farm in Attingham Park

It's finally time to purchase a plot of land with a farm on it in Attingham Park and see if Jan can stand on his own two feet.


After completing the sugar beets harvest that Jan began in his previous Farming Simulator 22 stream, he'll finally be ready to purchase that farm he's had his eye on. Just a few more loads of sugar beets to transport and then it's time to write the big check. Join him as he begins the next chapter of his farming career: land ownership.

Set to go live at 7 p.m. PDT/10 p.m. EDT over on the Shacknews Twitch channel, Jan will be completing the final few trips of a sugar beets contract, which will result in a nice paycheck that will immediately be spent on a small farm. Along with the farm house and a variety of barns, a couple of fields are included. One of them is ready to be harvested, but time is running short. Join Jan this evening to see how things progress and if he'll be successful in bringing in the first harvest of his own crop. Money will likely continue to be tight over the winter, so the challenge is far from over!

If you do join us over on Twitch, don’t hesitate to say hello and chat with Jan as he goes about his daily farm routines. Interacting with you folks is the best part of these streams, and we appreciate all the support. If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can subscribe to our Twitch channel using your free subscription through Prime. We’d love to have it, and we’re streaming content across various genres almost every day of the week.

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Jan has been playing video games for nearly 30 years and been a passionate geek for the better part of his life. When he's not grinding his way through Destiny in search of further lore, he can often be found neck deep in source code of various apps and websites. Feel free to ask him about whether or not Guardians are actually evil or not, and whether or not he'll give you some free SEO tech tips. You can follow him on Twitter @ChalkOne.

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