Nintendo wants to combat would-be Switch successor resellers by ensuring healthy supply

President Shuntaro Furukawa shared that Nintendo doesn't expect to see component shortages that affected the company in recent years.

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As Nintendo prepares to unveil the successor to the Switch console, all eyes are on the company, but some of the more nefarious ones are the opportunistic resellers that would buy up large amounts of stock to sell them at an exorbitant markup. Nintendo isn’t going to let that situation happen if it has any say in the matter. The company recently shared that it’s planning to ensure the next Nintendo console is in healthy supply from Day One, and it doesn’t expect component shortages to be an issue in the foreseeable future.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa addressed the matter of the Switch successor console’s supply forecasts in the company’s 84th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. In a Q&A that accompanied the meeting, President Furukawa spoke to what the company is doing to minimize supply constraints when the console goes out the door. Nintendo is particularly interested in making sure resellers don’t have a field day buying up consoles and jacking up the price. Furukawa stressed that the company intends to prioritize making sure that console supplies are easily available.

The Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo expects to be able to keep whatever console succeeds the Nintendo Switch in steady supply to reduce issues with availability and console resellers.
Source: Nintendo

Perhaps one of the most important things President Furukawa addressed was the component shortage that affected console sales in previous years. To that end, Furukawa explained that Nintendo has now gathered enough components that supply constraints shouldn’t be an issue this time around.

With Nintendo seemingly so sure of its supplies for the next console generation, it looks like fans shouldn’t be terribly concerned about being unable to find the console on store shelves. As we wait to see details on the Switch successor console, stay tuned for more Nintendo updates here at Shacknews.

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