Where to find the Backhand Blade - Elden Ring

How to get an excellent dexterity-scaling weapon early.


How to get the Backhand Blade in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is a surprisingly painless process, given how tough some of the expansion’s other challenges can be. Missing the blade is easy to do, however, unless you’re scouring the map for little environmental clues, and considering it’s one of the best dexterity weapons in the DLC, missing it is something you don’t want to do.

Our Elden Ring Backhand Blade guide points out where to find the dexterity-scaling weapon and why it’s worth your time.

Elden Ring: Backhand Blade location

A map image showing where to find the Backhand Blade

The Backhand Blade is nestled in a little grave on the eastern end of Gravesite Plain, northeast of Scorched Ruins and south of the Ellac Bridge. Several Omen Inquisitors are wandering around, and they’ll conjure fire from Rune Arcs if you get close. You can ride Torrent and retreat to a safe distance if they start attacking, or you can just ignore them, rush to the blade, and run away before they have a chance to attack.

An image of Gravesite Plain in Elden Ring with the Backhand Blade location circled

Elden Ring: Backhand Blade stats

The Backhand Blade seems pretty basic at first glance, mostly because it is.

Attack stats:

  • Phys: 105
  • Mag: 0
  • Fire: 0
  • Lightning: 0
  • Holy: 0
  • Critical: 100

Guard stats:

  • Phys: 40
  • Mag: 30
  • Fire: 30
  • Lightning: 30
  • Holy: 30
  • Boost: 15
An image showing Backhand Blade stats

Backhand Blade requirements 

  • Strength: 10
  • Dexterity: 13

Backhand Blade scaling

  • Strength: D
  • Dexterity: D

So far, so normal. What makes Backhand Blade stand out is that its strength and dexterity scaling match each other, which adds a hefty bit of damage to your overall output if you aim for a hybrid build.

The other nice touch is its built-in Ash of War: Blind Spot. Blind Spot has you sweep around your target foe and deliver an attack with the same potency as a briefly charged strong attack. It’s a handy way to escape tough foes and land a hit without, hopefully, taking damage in return.

Finally, it's worth noting that there's the weapon called Backhand Blade and the weapon type category called backhand blade. This particular sword is both, but there are others with higher stats and ailment affiliations you'll want to keep an eye out for.

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