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Shadow of the Erdtree adds a bunch of new items and you can find them easily by using the new Recent Items tab in Elden Ring.


The arrival of the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion to Elden Ring brought more than just a new location, it has also introduced the Recent Items tab. This tab, along with the Mark New Items feature, will allow you to quickly and easily find brand new items you picked up, which can be helpful if you’ve spent a lot of time collecting everything in the game.

How to turn on Recent Items tab & Mark New Items

The settings showing the Recent Items Tab option

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While Elden Ring will tell you about the Recent Items tab and the Mark New Items feature when you first load up the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was already turned on. In reality, you will need to activate this feature yourself via the System settings and under Display.

Down the bottom of the Display screen you will spot Mark New Items and Show Recent Items Tab. Turn these both to “On” and you will have a new tab whenever you open the Inventory menu. Additionally, any new items will be labelled with an exclamation mark (!) in their respective category. This should make it much easier to find new items you just picked up.

The Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is extremely difficult, so the last thing you want to be doing is diving through menus trying to work out what in Marika’s name you just picked up. With this option activated, you can find that new crafting item or talisman with ease. Be sure to keep an eye on our Elden Ring page as we bring you more information to help you follow in Miquella’s footsteps.

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      Oh I just heard a friend complain about the new tab messing up his muscle memory in inventory. He'll like this!

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      June 27, 2024 2:04 AM

      The addition of the Recent Items tab in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden Ring is a fantastic update! It’s always been a bit of a challenge to keep track of all the new items you pick up in such an expansive game. This new feature, along with the Mark New Items option, will definitely streamline the process, making it much easier to manage your inventory and enjoy the game without constantly scrolling through your entire collection.

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      These little quality-of-life improvements, whether in gaming or in other hobbies like casino gaming, make a big difference in the overall experience. Happy adventuring in the Lands Between, and may you find many rare and valuable items along your journey!

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