Tides of Tomorrow washes up from Road 96 developer

The makers of Road 96 have unveiled their latest project at this year's Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition.


French developer DigixArt has spent the past several years working on a new project. The fruits of their labor washed ashore at this year's Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition. The team behind Road 96 has come forward with a different kind of future dystopia with Tides of Tomorrow.

Tides of Tomorrow takes place on the distant planet Elynd, a world that has been ravaged by the Great Flood. As if the world getting being flooded wasn't enough, a mysterious plastification is gradually killing all of the remaining living creatures on the planet. Players are tasked with finding a cure to this disease or face potential extinction.

Story is affected by a friend's playthrough in Tides of Tomorrow

Source: DigixArt

Of course, nothing's ever easy in a game like this. Players will face off with warring factions. However, there's an interesting twist to this story. It can unfold differently depending on the actions of your friends. Conversely, your own actions can influence how a friend's story plays out later on. This symbiotic narrative makes Tides of Tomorrow more than a run-of-the-mill 3D adventure, allowing friends to share their single-player experience.

Tides of Tomorrow is primarily a 3D adventure set on the lands of floating landscapes, but players may sometimes have to sail through some rough waters to move forward. Of course, no waters could be more dangerous than the tide changes caused by the choices made by your friends.

Shacknews had mainly good things to say about Road 96, DigixArt's previous project, so we're looking forward to checking out Tides of Tomorrow. There's no release date for it just yet, but look for it to come to PC.

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