April was Twitch's weakest month of viewership so far in 2024

With few new major releases to carry it, new Rust content was one of the few things giving Twitch viewership a boost in April 2024

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StreamElements has released its State of the Stream report for April 2024, and it was an odd month for the platform. April didn’t have much in the way of enormous game releases or expansions on popular games, so it may not come as a surprise that it was the weakest month of daily hours watched and overall hours watched for the entire year so far.

StreamElements released its April 2024 State of the Stream report with data provided by its analytics partner at Rainmaker.gg. It was there that we could see that Twitch’s monthly viewership for April 2024 landed at 1.64 billion hours viewed. This was the lowest count for the year yet, falling even under the shorter February’s 1.73 billion. Average daily hours viewed in April didn’t fare better, falling at 55 million per day for the month.

StreamElements State of the Stream April 2024 monthly hours watched on Twitch
StreamElements State of the Stream April 2024 monthly hours watched on Twitch, showing April as the weakest month of the year so far.
Source: StreamElements

The reason for April’s lower numbers can largely be attributed to the fact that it was a slow month for large game or content releases. Usually there’s a new release or content expansion on one of the main draws like Fortnite or Valorant that bring viewers in for a bit in addition to the usual boosts, but April didn’t have much of that. Rust had an event that boosted its viewership quite a bit (27 million hours and a 227 percent increase from March 2024), but it still wasn’t quite the shot in the arm that other months have seen.

April 2024 could be seen as a baseline for Twitch when not much is going on. As we watch to see how further months in 2024 play out, stay tuned for more StreamElements reports as they drop.

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