Ubisoft claims xDefiant will have 'no pay-to-win mechanics'

The developer claims that while gameplay-affecting mechanics can be purchased with real money, they can also be fairly earned in-game.


Free-to-play and live-service games are a doubled-edged sword these days, and it looks like Ubisoft is trying to get in front of some stigmas of the genres with xDefiant. The developer and publisher put out a blog post speaking directly to the monetization methods that will be going into its free-to-play shooter. Specifically, Ubisoft claims that xDefiant won’t be pay-to-win. Though it will have gameplay features that can be purchased with money, they can all also be earned in a supposedly fair manner.

Ubisoft dropped the details of xDefiant’s monetization strategy in a blog post on the game’s website late last week. In said post, Ubisoft shares some key rules about how it will approach xDefiant’s microtransactions and purchaseable content.

The Dead Sec faction and its abilities in xDefiant, which include stunning, disruption, and subversion of enemy abilties.
The Dead Sec faction in xDefiant is an example of a gameplay mechanic you can buy with real money or unlock by playing the game.
Source: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has been working on xDefiant for quite a long time, and seems to be playing it cautious to make sure the game has the best chance it can get at launch. xDefiant was supposed to launch in October 2023, but got delayed as a Play Test Session (PTS) exposed certain flaws Ubisoft didn’t want to ship the game with. There were also alleged issues with passing console certification.

xDefiant has had a bumpy road towards release, which is set to happen this week, but players will soon be able to judge it all for themselves, including its monetization and microtransactions. Stay tuned  for more coverage of xDefiant as it launches.

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