Dead by Daylight Dungeons & Dragons chapter brings Vecna, a bard & a new map

Voiced by Matt Mercer, Vecna will join the Killers' side, hunting players through the new Forgotten Ruins map with a variety of dark magic at his disposal.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Last week, Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive shared that it’s getting together with Wizards of the Coast to bring some Dungeons & Dragons content into The Fog. Today, we got a look at exactly what that meant. Vecna, otherwise known as The Lich, is coming on the Killers' side, a Bard by the name of Aestri Yazar brings luck to the Survivors' side, and a new map, the Forgotten Ruins, will offer a new environment to run around in starting this month in PTB servers.

Behaviour Interactive shared the details of Dead by Daylight’s new Dungeons & Dragons content in its Year 8 Anniversary livestream. Vecna is considered to be one of the biggest villains of Dungeons & Dragons lore, and he comes voiced by Matt Mercer of Critical Role fame. He also packs a number of spells that can lift or lower pallets, allow him to fly, spectral skeletons that can reveal Survivors, and a spell that can detect users with magic items. That last one matters because Vecna can be countered by magic items that can limit his abilities if found.

On the Bard side, Aestri can boost allies with a number of skill-check based Perks that increase their chances of survival and finding good things. Dice rolls will figure into the playstyles of both Aestri and Vecna in a true-to-D&D way.

Of course, you’ll need all the luck you can get as you travel through the Forgotten Ruins. It features an outside castle and underground dungeon that will challenge players to navigate its labyrinthine prisons.

With the Dead by Daylight Dungeons & Dragons content hitting PTB servers today, stay tuned for further Dead by Daylight news and coverage as it drops here at Shacknews.

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