Dead by Daylight teases 2v8 mode in development

A much-requested feature for Dead by Daylight, 2v8 will pit two killers versus eight survivors in a uniquely crafted challenge.

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Dead by Daylight players have been asking for a 2v8 mode for quite a long time, and it looks like in Year 8 of the game, developer Behaviour Interactive is set to deliver. During its eighth anniversary livestream, Behaviour Interactive confirmed that 2V8 Mode is indeed in development. We also got a few details about how it would work and when we can expect to learn more.

Behaviour Interactive shared the details on 2V8 Mode for Dead by Daylight in the Year 8 Anniversary livestream this week. There, the developer spilled the details on what’s going on with the mode. For now, Dead by Daylight 2V8 Mode will allow killers to choose from five of the existing characters including the Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly, Nurse, and Huntress. Each will have a unique skill that can affect both of them, such as the Wraith being able to temporarily cloak both players. Instead of hooks, Killers will put downed Survivors in spectral cages similar to Pyramid Head’s ability. A Survivor getting caged three times will die like in the regular game.

Survivors cooperating to fix a generator in Dead by Daylight
In Dead by Daylight 2V8 Mode, players will use archetypes to try to outmaneuver a duo of killers, including healing, objectives, evasion, and more.
Source: Behaviour Interactive

Meanwhile, players will have “archetypes” rather than being able to equip any and all perks. These archetypes will supply perks that focus on healing, evasion, hiding, survival, objectives, and more. Making the best use of limited resources despite greater numbers is key to survival or the hunt.

Behaviour Interactive wasn’t ready to say much more about 2V8 Mode at this time, but didn’t leave us empty-handed. The mode will get a special livestream in July that will reveal more information about what’s included, as well as possibly when the mode can be expected to launch. Until then, stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight news and details right here at Shacknews.

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