DayZ Frostline brings a wintery map & more this fall 2024

In addition to a new 80-square kilometer map covered in ice and snow, new gameplay mechanics will be added that apply to all existing maps.

Image via Bohemia Interactive

An interesting new chapter in DayZ gameplay and content is coming. This week, Bohemia Interactive shared a look at DayZ Frostline. It’s a new snow-themed map that will take players to an Icelandic-themed volcanic island where new challenges of survival await. New wildlife, clothing, a new affliction, and more will be coming to the icy environment, but a free update is also planned for all of DayZ that will bring content like updated fishing.

Bohemia Interactive revealed the details of DayZ Frostline in a special press release alongside a trailer this week. Set to launch sometime in fall 2024 as paid DLC, the centerpiece of Frostline is an 80-square kilometer map featuring constant falling snow that can intensify as you travel through it. Players will have to work hard to stay warm in this frosty environment, otherwise, they risk suffering a new frostbite affliction that can severely detriment survival chances. Making fire, getting inside, or discovering one of the map’s scattered hot springs are key to living a bit longer, as long as you remember that other players are gunning for the same provisions.

Villages will be scattered in the valleys and up the volcanic mountains, and players will also discover military bases and other facilities. They’ll also find new kinds of wildlife to hunt like rabbits and reindeer, new warm gear clothes like thick gloves, and frozen food. You’ll just have to warm said food up to be able to eat it. Bohemia even teased the "dangers of living near volcanic terrain", though details on that will likely be revealed at a later date.

Regardless, Frostline is also coming alongside a big update that will apply to the whole game. Not only are bugs being fixed and balances being tweaked, but upgrades to systems like fishing are afoot. Bohemia previously announced that Livonia is now becoming a part of the main game and will be available for free to existing players, and part of the whole package for new buyers. Expect to see the update applied across Livonia and the original Chernarus map when Frostline launches.

DayZ Frostline's map featuring a survivor in full winter gear with an icepick near a hot spring with a volcano in the background
Hot springs will be one of a few warm lifelines in DayZ Frostline's new map. Just be mindful of other players seeking the same comforts.
Source: Bohemia Interactive

As much as we learned, there’s still much to find out between now and fall 2024 when DayZ Frostline and the big update beside it come out. That said, it can also be wishlisted on Steam now. Stay tuned for more details as they drop and follow our survival livestreams on Thursdays, right here at Shacknews.

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