Manor Lords dev promises to fix homeless bugs & buff archers in upcoming patch

One of Manor Lords quirkiest early bugs is that citizens won't move into homes built for them, but archer damage is also getting tuned up.

Image via Slavic Magic

Last week, Manor Lords launched into Steam Early Access from developer Slavic Magic and publisher Hooded Horse, and as early access games often go, the launch has brought bugs to the surface that nobody could have expected. Slavic Magic doesn’t intend to let the goodwill for the game’s highly-hyped launch go to waste, though. A list of high-priority fixes for the next update have been shared, including a fix for homeless people not moving into new and unoccupied houses and a buff to archer damage.

Slavik Magic shared its high-priority fixes for Manor Lords’ upcoming update via the game’s social media. While there wasn’t a release window on the patch, the post does talk about what’s coming. In particular, a bug that has caused citizens to remain homeless instead of moving into new houses has been called out, having been popularized in recent reporting at Kotaku. However, other fixes are on the way, such as a buff for archer damage that will bring them up to snuff in their specialty compared to other units.

Manor Lords bug in which citizens stand idle outside of houses after a raid.
Manor Lords players have reported bugs such as idling outside of houses after a raid.
Source: Jot El

Here’s the full rundown of high priority fixes in the upcoming Manor Lords patch, as shared by Slavic Magic:

  • Fix all the weird homeless bugs
  • Tune the archer damage
  • Tune the trade oversupply mechanics (it's too harsh and punishes regional specialization)
  • Slow down the rate of the AI claiming territories
  • Improve the sawpit efficiency / storage

With that in mind, Manor Lords is off to a good start and a lot of these bugs surfaced out of the hype the game has received as it surged past 150,000 concurrent players out of its early access release over the weekend.

It seems like a good problem for Manor Lords to have, but we’ll see if Slavic Magic can sort out these early issues in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for more updates and potential patch notes on the Manor Lords topic, right here at Shacknews.

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