Bandai Namco promises to fix Tekken 8 physics issues introduced latest update

Tekken 8's developers set out to fix the collision detection of moves whiffing near walls, but it broke some combos in the process.

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This was a big week for Tekken 8, but it wasn’t without issue. We saw the release of the game’s first DLC character, Eddy Gordo, alongside a list of balance fixes and tweaks to the game. Unfortunately, one of them may have wrecked current gameplans based on a physics change. A tweak that was meant to fix wall physics so certain moves wouldn’t whiff ended up breaking the physics on previously working combos. Bandai Namco has promised that this and another issue with Zafina is on the priority list for fixes in the very near future.

Bandai Namco addressed the issues with the recent Update 1.03.01 patch in tweets from the Tekken X (previously Twitter) account. After the release of the 1.03.01 patch notes, players set out to check some technicals based on a certain note:

Bandai Namco tweets about Tekken 8's latest updates
According to Bandai Namco, Tekken 8's latest patch broke some physics on Tornado Moves at the wall, as well as Zafina's back dash.
Source: Bandai Namco

Unfortunately, this particular change to the game broke certain combos. That’s not all. Another change to Zafina’s animations caused her backdash to cover less space than it originally did, leaving her in danger when trying to duck out of enemy moves. Bandai Namco promised that it intends to address both of these issues immediately and will implement their fixes in another upcoming patch.

Until then, it’s probably worth being cautious of labbing wall combos too much. With the priority to fix this physics issue, we’ll probably see another patch in short order. Stay tuned to the Tekken 8 topic for details and updates as we await it.

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