Tekken 8 update 1.03.01 patch notes

The patch notes for update 1.03.01 for Tekken 8 details Eddy Gordo along with a host of improvements and fixes.

Bandai Namco

The latest update for Tekken 8 is now available for players to download. Update 1.03.01 introduces Eddy Gordo and makes a ton of adjustments for a bunch of fighters in the game. Take a look at the patch notes below to get a measure of the changes before you jump back in and take to the tournament.

Tekken 8 update 1.03.01 patch notes

The latest update for Tekken 8, patch 1.03.01, has been released on April 1, 2024. Take a look at the patch notes below courtesy of the official Bandai Namco site. The patch notes also include a massive image that details dozens of changes including the slightest adjustments to player movement and actions.

Tekken 8 update 1.03.01 fighter changes listed in a table

Source: Bandai Namco
  • New playable character ‘EDDY GORDO’ added
  • New feature TEKKEN FIGHT PASS added to the TEKKEN SHOP
  • New items added to the TEKKEN SHOP
  • Feature improvements and bug fixes
  • Properties and/or behavior for select moves of select characters were adjusted.

1.03.01 details

New playable character ‘EDDY GORDO’

  • 72-hour early access made available to owners of the Playable Character Year 1 Pass.
  • Playable Character Year 1 Pass is included in the following:
    • TEKKEN 8 Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack」
    • TEKKEN 8 Ultimate Edition」
    • TEKKEN 8 Deluxe Edition」

New feature TEKKEN FIGHT PASS added to the TEKKEN SHOP

  • During the specified period, players can increase their level by completing daily and weekly missions in online matches, allowing them to obtain various items.
  • In the PREMIUM tier, where items are even more luxurious, players can also acquire TEKKEN COINS, which can be exchanged for various items in the TEKKEN SHOP.

New items added to the TEKKEN SHOP

  • New costume sets "Cyber Pack 01" and "Cyber Pack 02" available for all playable characters.
  • A legacy costume for Yoshimitsu
  • EDDY GORDO Avatar Skin

Functional improvements, Bug fixes.

  • A feature has been added to RANKED MATCH, QUICK MATCH, and GROUP MATCH modes to allow for the termination and invalidation of matches if the network connection quality falls below certain specified conditions.
  • An indication has been added to the versus screen in PLAYER MATCH mode to display when the stage has been randomly selected.
  • A QUIT option has been added to the MAIN MENU to allow the game to be exited from sources other than the options menu (Steam version only).

Behavior/properties of moves will be adjusted for some characters.

  • In version 1.03, continuing from the previous version 1.02, focus was placed on correcting unintended move behavior.
  • Work on an update focused on battle system balance is underway, but we are undertaking this with utmost caution by carefully evaluating user play data collected from around the world. Version 1.04 is scheduled for release in May following the conclusion of EVO Japan 2024.
  • Version 1.04 will primarily focus on buffing characters who haven't been able to fully showcase their uniqueness. However, adjustments to certain moves that exhibit significant strength will also be made.

Scope of Update

The application of the update data will result in the following impact on each mode and feature.

  • DOWNLOADED REPLAYS”,”MY REPLAY & TIPS”: Replay data from before the update will be unavailable for playback.
  • ONLINE REPLAY”: Replay data from before the update will be deleted.
  • SUPER GHOST BATTLE”,”GHOST MATCH”: Character behavior and move properties will reflect that of the post-update state.

There are your patch notes for Tekken 8 update 1.03.01. Did your favorite fighter get hit with changes and if so, are you happy about that? Be sure to check out our Tekken 8 page for the latest on Bandai Namco’s massively popular fighting game.

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