Oxcart Courier quest - Dragon's Dogma 2

How to finish the Oxcart Courier quest including where to find Lennart, the person Donovan wants you to deliver the letter to.


When you first reach Vernworth in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you might be asked to deliver a letter as part of the Oxcart Courier quest. This could either be an extremely easy quest you need no help with or one that seems to be far more tedious than it should be. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, here’s how to complete Oxcart Courier and where to find Lennart in Melve to deliver Donova's letter.

Oxcart Courier quest

After reaching Vernworth, you’re likely going to spend some time strategizing with Captain Brant to do things like the Caged Magistrate quest. However, there’s a quest right at the front gate called Oxcart Courier that is started by speaking with Donovan. This portly person will ask you to deliver a letter to a recipient in Melve. He wants you to hand deliver it to Lennart, a fella you probably met at the beginning.

The quest screen showing Oxcart Courier

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Now, you can take an oxcart directly from Vernworth. If the cart isn’t available right away, make sure you know how to wait. Once the cart is there, load up and either doze off or enjoy the long ride around the land.

Unfortunately, it’s likely your cart will get attacked. In this situation, dismount and defend it, and even go to the effort of leading foes away – if the cart gets destroyed you’re walking. In the event you have to walk, do so in the day. Walking along the main road at night is extremely dangerous, especially if you’re still early on in the game. As a general rule, avoid traveling at night unless you are well prepared for the dangerous that lurk in the darkness.

Delivering the letter to Lennart for Margit
Deliver the letter to Ser Lennart once you find him in Melve.
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When you arrive at Melve, there might be a bit of an attack underway. Repel the attacker and then set about finding Lennart. He was in the burned region of Melve, by the entryway for me. The gentleman is wearing a cape with fur around the shoulders. His hair style has shaved sides and back with a bit longer on the top. He also sports a rather great handlebar moustache. Give him the letter and the quest is done, just return to Donovan to receive your reward.

The Oxcart Courier quest is super easy and relatively straightforward, unless you’re like me and have to walk the entire way and end up fighting all manner of horrors in the night. Lesson learned. Be sure to check out our Dragon’s Dogma 2 page to learn from our own mistakes!

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