Neuralink patient played Civ 6 all night his first time using telepathic brain computer interface

The Neuralink group recently hosted a livestream showing off the status and capabilities of one of the neural implant's first human patients.


The Neuralink company has begun working with human patients in the testing, development, and improvement of its neural implant technology, and it’s offered some promising results, at least when it comes to gaming. One of the first patients of the technology recently took part in a livestream from the company where he claimed that during one of the first nights with the implant, he played Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 all night with nothing other than Neuralink’s brain computer interface.

Neuralink shared an update on its technology in a short video stream posted to YouTube this week. The 29-year-old Nolan Arbaugh is a quadriplegic man, unable to make effective use of his limbs. Arbaugh was recently fitted with the Neuralink implant, which he said let him play Civilization 6 with nothing but his mind via the device’s telepathic brain computer interface.

Arbaugh loves the Civilization series, but had given up on playing Civ 6 until he got the implant, which gave him an opportunity he couldn’t pass up:

It sounds like a pretty stellar success story for Neuralink, which only just opened up trials for human testing in late 2023 and had its first successful human implant operation in January 2024. Despite the fact that there is still likely a lot of testing to go, Neuralink looks like it could make life easier and more enjoyable for a lot of people that are otherwise restricted by varied circumstances. Hopefully, Arbaugh’s story will be followed by other successes as the technology continues to develop. Stay tuned for more updates here at Shacknews as they happen.

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