Deep Rock Galactic's devs would love to collaborate with Arrowhead Game Studios

The Ghost Ship Games crew shot its shot with a livestream of Helldivers 2, sharing that they've emailed Arrowhead before and would love to do something.


Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship Games would love to get together with Helldivers 2 crew Arrowhead Game Studios and work on some kind of collaboration. The two games have been oft compared for their impeccable co-op gameplay, silly theming, and penchants for squishing bugs with highly destructive ordinance. While that mostly made for wistful thinking by fans, Ghost Ship Games recently shared that they’ve actually emailed Arrowhead and would be thrilled to make a collab happen.

Ghost Ship Games put it all out on the table by going as far as to put on a dev livestream of Helldivers 2 recently. In said stream, the team is cheeky about it at first joking about playing a “reskin mod for Deep Rock Galactic,” but then goes and shares their love of the game and a desire to work with Arrowhead.

It's a pretty funny stream in and of itself. The Ghost Ship crew has a fun time with Helldivers 2 as players often do, and we learned outright that it’s not just the fans that want to see Deep Rock Galactic x Helldivers happen. They are certainly both incredibly good multiplayer co-op shooters, sharing the combined DNA that when things go wrong, they go horribly wrong in both games, but often to comedic effect. We’ve played plenty of Deep Rock Galactic over the years, and continue to enjoy it alongside Helldivers 2 now.

Whether there’s any room in Helldivers’ Super Earth armies for the dwarfs of Deep Rock Galactic remains to be seen, but it’s great to know that Ghost Ship is up for some fun with Arrowhead. It’ll probably take a chat between publishers Coffee Stain Publishing and PlayStation Studios for anything official to happen, but hope springs eternal. Stay tuned as we follow this story.

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