Adult Swim Games developers claim WB Discovery is delisting their games by May

Several developers have confirmed that WB Discovery has given them a 60-day notice of their game's delisting under the Adult Swim Games brand.

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As Warner Bros. Discovery continues to cut costs throughout its properties under the questionable leadership of David Zaslav, it looks like Adult Swim Games has been the latest outlet to catch the axe. Several developers whose titles have been published under the banner have shared that WB Discovery hit them with a 60-day notice that their games would be delisted on various storefronts.

Word of WB Discovery cutting and delisting various Adult Swim Games came from several developers published under the brand, as reported by Delisted Games. Bean of Studio Bean, developer of SoundDodger+ was one such developer that shared details of the delisting:

Studio Bean's tweets about Warner Bros. Discovery delisting Adult Swim Games such as Soundodger+
According to Studio Bean, Warner Bros. Discovery has given a 60-day notice of delisting on Steam, only allowing the studio to republish the game once Adult Swim Games branding and employees have been scrubbed from the title.
Source: Studio Bean

Several other developers have echoed Studio Bean’s situation in their own announcements, including Team2Bit of Fist Puncher. Meanwhile, Landon Podbielski of Duck Game has received no word of the game’s delisting, but expects it is coming soon. As mentioned above, WB Discovery has told developers that they may relist their games, but they must scrub any mention of Adult Swim and its stuff from them. That also means starting at square one with online reviews and wishlists, which are critical to how games show up on Steam’s popular listings. This also comes after WB Games has struggled to find footing this year on the less-than-stellar launch of Suicide Squad.

There’s no telling where the Adult Swim Games brand falls after this, but it’s looking stark for many developers that were involved in it. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for further updates.

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