Shack Together 002 - Tegra X1 Power Hour feat. Xbox Exclusivity and David Craddock's Perfect Run

Shack Together is back with the second episode of the brand new Shacknews podcast from the people who brought you the Cartridge Family and the Shackcast.


On this, the sophomore episode of Shack Together, we have an exciting lineup for you. Asif Khan is joined by cohost John Benyamine, myself, and Shacknews Long Reads Editor, David Craddock. We discuss the games we’re playing lately, including F-Zero 99, Prince of Persia, Helldivers 2, Like a Dragon, Animal Crossing, and more.

But the real reason you’re tuning in is, of course, Xbox’s exclusivity announcements. We dive head first into what Xbox’s plans (or lack thereof) mean for the future of the gaming giant. We also speculate on the four games that Xbox is planning to share with the non-Xbox audience, too.

Finally, in today’s Story Time, we cover the latest from the industry, including IGN's plans for E3, OpenAI's Sora launch, a gamer's quest to master Resident Evil 2 at GDQ, and more. All this and more on today's show. Enjoy!

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