How the Galactic War progress works - Helldivers 2

Discover how to check the Galactic War progress and how this system works in Helldivers 2.

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Part of your job as a Helldiver is spreading democracy and liberating planets as part of the Galactic War progress. Players that are new to the Helldivers franchise might be unaware of how this system works and even how to check the progress. Come and let us talk about the Galactic War progress and how you can do your part.

How to check Galactic War progress

The player stands at the start of the bridge looking at the Galactic War table
Go through to the bridge and interact with the hologram to check the Galactic War progress.
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The Galactic War progress can be checked from the Galactic War table on the bridge of the ship, right near the Hellpods. By interacting with the table, you can see how the war effort is performing in each sector as well as on each planet. Highlighting a sector will reveal how liberated it is. Click a sector and then highlight individual planets to check their liberation levels. Liberation is tallied on a percentage, with zero percent being unliberated and 100 percent being completely liberated and safe from the enemies of Super Earth.

How Galactic War progress works

An overview of the Meridia planet in Helldivers 2
Highlight a planet to check its progress. Once a planet hits 100%, it is locked and no more missions appear on it.
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Every single mission you do in Helldivers 2 affects the Galactic War progress. Successfully completing a mission will nudge the percentage a bit higher. When a planet is 100 percent liberated, it becomes locked. If a planet isn’t locked, its liberation percentage will decay overtime. Failing a mission will also result in loss of progress.

The planet Estanu in a locked sector
Locked sectors become available when a nearby sector is completely liberated.
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Once all planets in a sector are liberated, the sector will be locked, no more missions will be available on the planets, and another nearby sector will be unlocked. This new sector will have new planets to liberate. Continue completing missions, liberating planets, and securing sectors until you reach the perimeter of the map.

Successfully completing higher difficulty missions will result in more progress on the Galactic War. For this reason, you and your fellow Helldivers are urged to face tougher odds. Make sure you check out all Stratagems and their input codes so you’re prepared for the challenges you’ll face spreading democracy.

Now that you’ve got a firm grasp on how the Galactic War progress system works in Helldivers 2, you can really start applying the pressure. Get your squad together and take on some tough missions. Drop by our Helldivers 2 page for more information to aid you in battle.

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