Crazy Aaron's founder shows off new putty and slime toys

Want magnetic putty? Aaron's got you covered. Want putty that can change color or slime you can stick fake dead flies into? He's got your back.


Slime and putty are the sort of toys you never grow out of loving. The texture, the smell, and the vibrant and wacky colors are always so delightful. But Aaron Muderick, CEO & Founder of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, wanted more from putty, so he went off and made his own company. We had the pleasure of talking with Muderick about his putty and he even showed off some of his new creations.

Aaron’s journey from software engineer to putty inventor is one that we can all appreciate: feeling fidgety at your desk. For Aaron, he had a bunch of things to tinker with, but one he gravitated toward was a thing of black putty. After his colleagues helped themselves to some of the putty, he realized there might be something to creating a new style of putty others can enjoy.

The process of creating the putty took a lot of effort, but the results are worth it. Aaron gave us a little overview of some of his creations including the magnetic putty, a color-changing putty, and beautiful play dough that looks like ice cream. We asked the most important question about this one, “Can you eat it?” Aaron replied, “You should not eat it. But if you did, you would find it particularly unsatisfying.”

If you like the look of this slime and putty, you can pick some up from the Crazy Aaron's website. It’s also available on Amazon as well as other stores. For more toy reviews and conversations with creators, take a look at our Shacknews Interviews YouTube channel.

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