Abacus Brands on making educational books & AR experiences

Learn about how Abacus Brands is taking its educational texts and making them more engaging through new technology.


Abacus Brands has been in the business of creating educational experiences for students and parents for years. They're mainly known for books, but they've gradually been adopting more technology-heavy ideas in recent years. To learn more, we spoke with Abacus CEO Steve Rad.

Rad talks about the inherent advantages of using mobile technology. He goes into how Abacus is able to take the text on a standard book and illustrate it for students, making learning an overall more immersive experience. He also discusses Abacus gradually making more content for higher-end virtual reality headsets.

The Abacus Brands website goes into more detail about the company's mission of making education more of an experience. To learn more about what's coming down the line from Abacus, as well as see more interviews and videos like this, subscribe to Shacknews and Shacknews Interviews on YouTube.

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