Bulletstorm VR developer talks challenges in bringing this cult classic to a new dimension

Early in development, People Can Fly struggled with taking the movement from the 'flat' version of Bulletstorm into the VR space.


Bulletstorm is one of those games that perfectly encapsulates the Xbox 360 era of video games. It’s gruff, violent, and has that coloring and bloom unique to the period. And now, the team at People Can Fly have brought this cult classic into the virtual reality space, which makes sense given the game is so visceral and extreme with its first-person combat. We recently got to speak with Bartosz Kmita, chief creative officer of People Can Fly, about what went into giving Bulletstorm a new lease on life some 13 years after its release.

Taking a game from its original “flat” version into the fully immersive experience of virtual reality is no easy thing. For the team at People Can Fly, one of the first hurdles early in development was working out how to make the movement comfortable for all users. They had to consider the players who had been using VR for a long time as well as those who were new to the scene.

Not only is the movement something that needs to be considered, but also the length of time people are playing as well as what does and does not work in virtual reality. Kmita spent some time talking about what the team had to change and remove from Bulletstorm in order for it to work properly as a VR experience. The whole conversation is really insightful, so make sure you give it a listen. If you haven't already, check out TJ Denzer's review of Bulletstorm VR. He loves how the weapon and gear feels as well as the massive set-pieces and skillshot system. You can also hear more developers talk about their games over on our Shacknews Interviews YouTube channel. There’s also our Shacknews channel for exclusive gameplay, reviews, and more.

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