Where to find Sulfur - Palworld

Sulfur is a key component in your crafting journey as you become more deadly in Palworld.


Sulfur is a crucial resource in Palworld for anyone that intends to upgrade their arsenal from bows and arrows to guns and bullets. In this guide, I’ll show you where to find a reliable source of Sulfur.

Where to find Sulfur

An image showing the location players can find Sulfur in Palworld
Sulfur can be found in the Twilight Dunes region of Palworld, a small, desert section of the map.

Sulfur can be found in the Twilight Dunes region of Palworld. This is an area to the east of the Bamboo Grove. It’s a desert region that will stand out on your map once you uncover it. The area is rather small (at least the desert part) but contains several Sulfur deposits. Simply mine the Sulfur and then head back to your base to start crafting.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any convenient fast travel locations near this desert. If you require more Sulfur than what you can reasonably mine and carry, you could construct a small outpost with some Pals that are capable of mining. Let them do the work for you, right? I doubt you’ll need that much Sulfur, so hit the fast travel point and head over on your favorite mount.

Once you have Sulfur, you are in good shape to start crafting Gunpowder. Once you have Gunpowder, you can start crafting bullets. As you can see, this is a whole rabbit hole that you’re headed down, but Shacknews has you covered from start to finish with our Palworld Strategy Guide.

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