How to get Gunpowder - Palworld

Gunpowder is a key ingredient for making all types of ammunition in Palworld.


As you progress through the Technology tree of Palworld, you’ll start to move from primitive weapons to more complex ones. Once you unlock guns, you’ll need a reliable source of ammunition. Thankfully, Palworld lets you craft your own bullets if you’re able to find the ingredients, one of which is Gunpowder.

How to get Gunpowder

An image showing the Gunpowder unlock on the Technology tree in Palworld
Gunpowder can be unlocked at level 21 of the Technology tree in Palworld.

Gunpowder is unlocked at level 21 of the Technology tree and can then be crafted at a High Quality Workbench. This will require you to obtain both Charcoal and Sulfur. Two Charcoal and one Sulfur are required to craft a single unit of Gunpowder. Charcoal can be crafted at a Primitive Furnace and only requires Wood. Sulfur can be mined from the Twilight Dunes region, which is the small patch of desert east of the Bamboo Grove.

Truth be told, crafting Gunpowder isn’t that difficult, but it is essential as you progress. Eventually, arrows are going to become less effective against Pals and enemies, and you’ll need bullets to get the job done. While you can find various types of ammunition in the wild, the most reliable source is crafting it yourself, which as you know, requires Gunpowder.

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