Nexus bans Palworld mods that include Pokemon content

Nexus Mods isn't the slightest bit interested in inviting legal action from Nintendo.


Palworld has been the talk of the block in gaming for a couple weeks now, and with it has come mod content that cheekily added Pokemon to the creature-collecting game. However, you won’t find that content on Nexus Mods, at least not from here on out. The website has announced that it won’t allow Palworld mods that utilize Pokemon content, and will remove uploaded mods that attempt to include such content.

Nexus Mods made an official statement on the topic of Palworld mods and Pokemon content on its website late last week. The website organizers make no bones about it - they're trying to avoid litigation from Nintendo against the site or its users:

Lamballs in Palworld manning machineguns
Palworld is pretty close to Pokemon as is in its visuals, and Nexus Mods doesn't want to invite legal trouble by allowing users to blur that line further.
Source: Pocketpair

Nexus Mods goes on to say that Palworld mods are definitely not banned and it feels the game is ripe for user-created content. It just won’t allow Pokemon mods, and it claims this policy is just as much for the modders as the site, as Nintendo itself has made the world aware that it is looking closely at Palworld.

And so, it seems players are going to have to find other topics and content to mod into Palworld that aren’t right on the nose of the Pokemon inspiration. With the game certainly still holding players’ attention worldwide, it will be interesting to see if the hype for Palworld continues. Stay tuned for more coverage and updates here.

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