Pangolin dog pals & adventure await us in Visions of Mana this Summer 2024

Square Enix shared detail about Visions of Mana's combat, adventure, and the cutest good doggo, alongside a Summer 2024 window.


During the January 2024 Xbox Developer Direct, Square Enix made a surprise appearance with Visions of Mana and we got a release window to go with the showing. It was a illuminating demonstration, showing off combat, monsters, quests, and adventures in the game. We also learned about Pikuls, which are an adorable animal pal you’ll be able to tame and ride in your adventures through the land.

Visions of Mana made an extensive appearance during the January 2024 Xbox Developer Direct this week. There, Square Enix gave us a good look at the lush world we’ll be exploring in the game. Many of the staples of the Mana series were present. We got a look at familiar foes like Rabites, Goblins, Mushbooms, and more. Perhaps most importantly, we were introduced to Pikuls. The designers described it as a Yorkshire terrier mixed with features of a pangolin. What that means for you is an adorable, if not daunting, companion that can assist in travel through the land, as well as combat.

Pikul design details in Visions of Mana
Visions of Mana design devs went into details about the Pikul, which is said to be a combination of dog and pangolin elements, and also a rideable pal in the game.
Source: Square Enix

Just as well, Visions of Mana also got a release window during the Xbox Developer Direct. The game is slated for a release in summer 2024. While this was certainly about Xbox Series X/S, we can likely expect that the same window applies to other platforms it will be launching on, including PS4, PS5, and PC.

Visions of Mana was first revealed at The Game Awards 2023, marking the first new mainline entry the franchise will have received in around 15 years. We’ve certainly seen remakes, such as the lovely Trials of Mana (which was a remake of Secret of Mana 3), but this is an all-new story for the series.

With a release window set, we’ll look forward to seeing more of what Visions of Mana has in store for us later this year. Stay tuned for more details and reveals from Square Enix as they drop.

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