Call of Duty anti-cheat now closes your game if it detects mouse & keyboard aim assist

If you keep getting caught using aim assist by Call of Duty's security systems, further action against your account will be taken.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launched in late 2023, and this year has brought a new season of its battle royale module, Warzone. However, it also comes with an update to Call of Duty’s anti-cheat systems, cracking down on those who would try to gain an unfair advantage in the game. The latest Call of Duty security updates focus on aim assist on mouse and keyboard. Now, if you are detected using aim assist on those controls, Call of Duty will shut itself down automatically.

This update to Call of Duty anti-cheat systems was reported via the Call of Duty Updates Twitter this week. According to the Twitter, the game’s security system was updated to better detect aim assist. More than that, if it does detect a player using aim assist on mouse and keyboard specifically, the game will automatically close. It goes on to say that if the security system detects illegal aim assists from the same player multiple times, further action will be taken against that player’s account, likely implying a suspension or ban.

Call of Duty Updates tweet about aim assist crackdown
It looks like Call of Duty is cracking down hard on keyboard and mouse players that try to use aim assist.
Source: Call of Duty Updates

Call of Duty has continued to be a lucrative game for Activision Blizzard with millions of players around the world. Modern Warfare 3 launched in November 2023, bringing a wealth of multiplayer maps with it, including 16 reworked maps from Modern Warfare 2. With all of that attention unfortunately comes the fact that some players just don’t want to play fair. The Call of Duty developers have continued to work to curtail cheating in the game, but it also continues to be an uphill battle.

Either way, this new security update marks another threat to those who would unfairly use aim assist in the game. With Modern Warfare 3 still running strong and the newest season of Warzone underway, stay tuned for more coverage here at Shacknews.

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