How to use the NCART metro system - Cyberpunk 2077

Take in the sights of Night City hands-free by riding the newly added public transit system.

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Update 2.1 added a new public transportation system to Cyberpunk 2077 that consists of a fully functional metro railway spanning the bulk of Night City. At long last, players can traverse the city and take in the sights without having to drive a vehicle or trek on-foot. This guide will cover how to use and ride the NCART metro so you can try out this highly requested feature for yourself.

How to ride NCART

An image of the NCART City Pass in V's hand.

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Night City Area Rapid Transit, or NCART, serves as the new public metro system in Cyberpunk 2077. Upon first booting up the game following Update 2.1, there will be a message in your phone from NCART Customer Support regarding your NCART City Pass, which is your ticket to riding the metro. The technical issue with your pass has been resolved, granting full access to the metro system once more.

A screenshot of the message from NCART Customer Support.

Source: CD Projekt Red

Nineteen fast travel terminals have been converted into NCART stations along five different railway lines across Night City. On the map, NCART metro stations are marked by the circular icon with an M on it.

A screenshot of the in-game map depicting the locations of various NCART stations.

Source: CD Projekt Red

While each NCART station retains its functionality as a fast travel point, players now have the option to board and ride the metro from these stops. To ride the metro, approach the doorway to one of these NCART stations and interact with it like you would a fast travel terminal. When prompted, select the Ride metro option.

A view from outside one of the NCART stations in Night City.

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Choosing to ride the metro will bring up the NCART service map, which depicts the destinations of each rail line and their direction of travel. Select the line containing the station you wish to travel to and board the train.

A map showing the five NCART lines and their destinations.

Source: CD Projekt Red

While on the metro, you have the options to look out the window or get up and stand by the door. You can also use the new Radioport feature to listen to your favorite radio station on the go. When you are ready to get off, select Exit at next stop and you will be let out at the next station.

The view from inside an NCART train car on the railway.

Source: CD Projekt Red

Now that you know how to ride the NCART metro in Cyberpunk 2077, you can give driving a break for a bit. Unless you have yet to obtain the new Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet (930), in which case our guide has you covered. Be sure to check out our Cyberpunk 2077 coverage for more gameplay tips.

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