Lethal Company reaches over 180k concurrent players in Steam Early Access

Zeekers' sci-fi resource scavenger and survival game blew up in the last two weeks, achieving over 180,000 players on at once over the weekend.


If you spent any amount of time in gaming discourse on social media in the last couple weeks, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of Lethal Company. It’s a co-op survival horror game from developer Zeekers that’s in early access. It also blew up big this month with a huge amount of players. How big? Well, this last weekend, the game reached over 180,000 concurrent players on Steam.

Lethal Company’s explosive concurrent player numbers come courtesy of SteamDB, where the game has seen incredible popularity in its charts. Over the last weekend, Lethal Company achieved a peak concurrent player count of 184,015 as of this writing. Even outside of that peak, the game has maintained just over 90,000 players regularly. In particular, we saw a massive jump in content creator streams showing off the game, which brought even more players in to give it a try since its launch in early access in late October 2023.

A player facing a Thumper monster in the dark in Lethal Company
Inside and outside of base, terrifying monsters like the Thumper lurk in the more dangerous moons of Lethal Company.
Source: Zeekers

So what exactly is Lethal Company? It’s a resource-gathering co-op survival horror. Players play employees of a group known as the Company and go to abandoned industrialized moons to collect special resources and scrap left behind. If you wrap up on one moon, you can use your money to buy passage to further moons. The catch? The further out you go, the more dangerous the fauna. Where you might run into puppy dog-like beasts and fairly benign critters at first, distant moons have terrors and monstrosities that will hunt you down, each with their own unique rules of play and aggression. Given this is a co-op experience, that makes working together and/or getting annihilated all the more funny in the game. It’s joined by Suika Game in late hit indies in 2023, with the other game having achieved over 4 million downloads since it came to Switch.

There’s no telling how far the hype for Lethal Company will go, but for now, the game is enjoying immense love from its playerbase. It’s available now in early access on Steam. Stay tuned as we watch for the latest updates and details on the game.

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