Where to find Minsc & the Stone Lord - Baldur's Gate 3

Whether you're trying to find Minsc or the Stone Lord, they're both in the same location in Baldur's Gate 3.


For some people, they will be trying to find Minsc in the sewers, while others will be trying to find the Stone Lord. No matter which one you’re looking for in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re likely going to find Minsc and the Stone Lord in the same place. To save you some trouble of wandering around the sewers looking for two different locations, here’s where to find them.

Where to find Minsc & the Stone Lord

Minsc and Stone Lord locations marked on the map
Minsc and the Stone Lord are found in the sewers below Baldur's Gate.
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Minsc and the Stone Lord are both found in the Abandoned Cistern part of the sewers at coordinates X: -251, Y: 874. This is the area far to the northwest (left) of the sewers. To reach this location quickly, use the Undercity Ruins waypoint and travel south. You’ll want to use the massive pipes to reach the end of the area.

The hero solves the sluice gate puzzle in the sewers
Solve the sluice gate puzzle to find Minsc and the Stone Lord.
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You will eventually come across a closed pipe that has a water and heating valve puzzle. The goal is to make the water and heat “perfect”, which will clear the pipe and grant you access. To do this, interact with the gauges on either side of the pipe. You can hover over the interactive points to see a status effect for the Water Level Valve and the Temperature Valve.

When a valve is active, it will add a counter that slowly ticks down, at which point the water or heat will increase. If the water or heat moves above “perfect” it will start to overflow or overheat, so shut it off if this happens. Turning off the valve will cause the water temperature or level to slowly decrease.

Non-Lethal Attack activated in Baldur's Gate 3
Use Non-Lethal Attacks to knock Minsc out. This lets you recruit him as an ally.
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Once the water level and heat are perfect, the sluice should open and you can progress through the large pipe. On the other side you will find Minsc and the Stone Lord. If you want to save Minsc, you will need to activate Non-Lethal Attacks in the Passives screen so you don’t accidentally kill him.

With Minsc and the Stone Lord located, you can get back to dealing with Jaheira and Nine-Fingers Keene, as well as the other threats hanging above Baldur’s Gate. For more quest guides, item locations, and more, take a look at our Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide.

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