How to open the Temple of Bhaal door - Baldur's Gate 3

Where to find the Temple of Bhaal and open the door leading to the confrontation with Orin in Baldur's Gate 3.


The Temple of Bhaal is a location in Baldur’s Gate 3 where some major plot points come to a head. However, before you can make some critical decisions, you will first need to find the Temple of Bhaal and open the door that blocks your way forward. There are two doors to the Temple of Bhaal that might be causing you some concern, and I’ll detail the solution to opening both of them below.

Temple of Bhaal door: Undercity Ruins

The undercity ruins fast travel point shown on a map
The first door you must unlock to reach the Temple of Bhaal is in the Undercity Ruins.
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There are potentially two doors related to the Temple of Bhaal that you may be trying to unlock. The first is in the Undercity Ruins. This entrance to the Temple of Bhaal is located in the sewers near the Undercity Ruins at coordinates X: -139, Y: 934. This is the spot where you will find a locked door that cannot be lockpicked, a circular stone with red blood droplet markings, and some bodies hanging from the ceiling.

A map of the lower city in Baldur's Gate highlighting a manhole to the sewers
Look for the manhole behind the Facemaker's Boutiques for a quick path to the Temple of Bhaal door.
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To reach this location, start at the Baldur’s Gate fast travel point and head into the alleyway southeast of Facemaker’s Boutique. This alleyway connects to the Bloomridge Park. In this section will be a manhole that leads to the lower city sewers. From here, follow the path north to the Undercity Ruins.

The hero takes aim at a body hanging from the ceiling
Shoot the body that's hanging above the blood droplet markings to unlock the door. Alternatively, show the door the Amulet of Bhaal and tell it who you killed.
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There are a couple of ways to unlock the Temple of Bhaal door. The first way is definitely the easiest: simply use an arrow to shoot one of the bodies that are hanging above the blood drop markings and skull. The body will cover the area in blood and the door will unlock.

As for the other method, this involves dealing with the murder tribunal, which is actually a requirement of dealing with the second door to the Temple of Bhaal.

Temple of Bhaal door: Temple of Bhaal

A map of the Temple of Bhaal showing the objective to confront Orin
You definitely need the Amulet of Bhaal for this last door that's inside the temple.
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The second door to the Temple of Bhaal is located in a region literally called the Temple of Bhaal. This door is across a large bridge laden with traps. To open this door you must have the Amulet of Bhaal which is awarded for completing the quests Investigate the Murders and Impress the Murder Tribunal.

The bridge leading to the door to the temple of Bhaal where Orin waits
The bridge that leads to the last door in the Temple of Bhaal.
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Depending on how you choose to deal with the Impress the Murder Tribunal quest will change how you acquire the Amulet of Bhaal. The Amulet of Bhaal is on Sarevok’s body after you defeat him, though some players report it only appearing after you free Valeria – so check his body again. On the other hand, murdering Valeria the hollyphant should cause Sarevok to give you the amulet.

Finding the murder tribunal

A map showing Candulhallow's Tombstones, the entrance to the Temple of Bhaal
The Amulet of Bhaal is found at the murder tribunal, which is accessed via Candulhallow's Tombstones.
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For those that made it to the Temple of Bhaal first before finding the murder tribunal, it can be tough to locate this shrouded location. The murder tribunal can be accessed via Candulhallow’s Tombstones shop, a small building to the northeast of Elfsong Tavern. This shop runs along the diagonal part of the wall near the graveyard and is easily reached from the Basilisk Gate fast travel point.

A painting hides a button in Candulhallow's Tombstones
Remove the painting from the wall to find a button you can press, this reveals a secret passage behind the bookshelf. You will need to have progressed the quest, Investigate the Murders.
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Go inside the shop and into the back room. Take the painting off the wall to reveal a button that opens a secret passage behind the bookshelf. To open the door, you will need to have the murder’s trophies (a bunch of severed hands) and the password.

Inspecting the Amulet of Bhaal in the inventory
The Amulet of Bhaal lets you unlock the first door to the Temple of Bhaal and the last door in the temple right before confronting Orin.
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Pass through the new area and speak to the guards when you need to. Show them proof when asked and prepare to speak with Sarevok. At this point you can listen to what he has to say and make your decision: attack him or murder the sacrifice. No matter your decision, you should walk away with the Amulet of Bhaal and can return to the actual Temple of Bhaal doors to unlock them. Remember: the Temple of Bhaal is not at the murder tribunal.

Finding the Temple of Bhaal can be tough, and that’s before you realize you’ll need to open two doors to gain access to the unholy temple. Remember you will need to have the Amulet of Bhaal in your inventory in order to open the doors, and this is only available if you search Saverok’s body or kill the hollyphant. With all of this done, you’ll be one step closer to dealing with Orin. Take a moment to check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide for more help with quests, item locations, and more.

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