How to fix companions not following you - Baldur's Gate 3

Whether it's Shadowheart not following or someone else, here's how you can fix this pesky companion tether problem in Baldur's Gate 3.


Having your companions not following you is a rather frustrating bug in Baldur’s Gate 3. This can happen to many companions, though it seems as though more players are experiencing Shadowheart not following them. The good news is that there are a couple of solutions to this problem.

Companions not following fix

The first thing to do to fix the companions not following you issue is to quit and reload Baldur’s Gate 3. Typically, quitting to the main menu and loading your save should be enough to have Shadowheart or any of the other characters start following you again.

Three party members sneak through an area but Shadowheart isn't following
Sometimes party members, like Shadowheart, will stop following you.
Source: Shacknews

Another solution if the above doesn’t work is to load an earlier save. Sometimes an action or event may cause the companion to act oddly and loading an earlier save can take you back to the point before it happened. Some users on Reddit have reported that sneaking or some spells can cause the problem, though it’s not clear exactly what they might be.

You might also try dismissing them at camp and then having them join your party again. This might help refresh the follow command. Additionally, you can ungroup using the on-screen button or click and drag the character profiles apart and then back together.

Though it doesn’t solve the root problem, you can also take control of the companion and have them lead the party. This will essentially mean your main character (which might be a custom one) becomes a follower while running around.

Hopefully these solutions have solved your companion not following you problem. From here on out, Shadowheart should stay close, or any other companion for that matter. If the issue crops up again, repeat the fixes, but you might have to wait for Larian Studios to patch it if the problem persists. Take a look at our Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide for more help with all aspects of this huge game.

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