Disney Dreamlight Valley: Arcade Edition catches iOS users up in December [Update]

A new version of Disney Dreamlight Valley is coming to Apple Arcade and will feature everything minus the in-game Premium Shop.


There were several interesting announcements made for Disney Dreamlight Valley and its upcoming year. A new expansion is among the many pieces of content set to release in the months ahead and while the game is only just about to hit 1.0, some players may feel like they have a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately for iOS users, they'll have a way to get up to speed quickly. A new version of the cozy Disney life sim featuring everything released to this point is coming to Apple Arcade called Disney Dreamlight Valley: Arcade Edition.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Apple Arcade announcement

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What precisely makes this of Disney Dreamlight Valley an "Arcade Edition" besides releasing on Apple Arcade? This version of the game will feature everything released to this point, including all story updates and the upcoming A Rift In Time expansion. However, it isn't so much what this version has, but it's more what it doesn't have. The iOS version of Disney Dreamlight Valley will not include the game's seasonal Star Paths or the in-game Premium Shop.

While this was the Disney Dreamlight Valley Showcase's big "one more thing" announcement, it was sort of spoiled earlier in the day by the Apple Arcade Twitter (X) account, which revealed a December release window. The game will release on Tuesday, December 5, which is also the same day that Disney Dreamlight Valley will release its 1.0 update and its Rift In Time expansion.

Update: There were some questions up in the air about the iOS version of Disney Dreamlight Valley, namely if players will have other ways to access premium items or how (or even if) cross-platform play will work. These questions were answered shortly after the showcase on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord. Arcade Edition will only allow cross-platform saving on the Apple ecosystem and not on other platforms, so those hoping to take their progress with them from the PC or console versions will be out of luck. Cross-platform play will be supported, so players can visit each other's Valleys on all platforms with the exception of PlayStation. Lastly, it should be noted that Arcade Edition will be different than the Disney Dreamlight Valley that is currently available on the Mac App Store.

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