Xbox is cracking down on unauthorized third-party accessories

Xbox users are reporting error messages that threaten to block accessories that are not first-party or 'designed for Xbox' brands.


It would appear that Microsoft and Xbox may be cracking down and limiting the use of unauthorized third-party peripherals on its consoles after November 2023. This last weekend, numerous players began reporting receiving error message 0x82d60002. This message appears when an unauthorized accessory is plugged into the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S and it could spell the end of use of anything with Xbox consoles that’s not first-party or part of the “Designed for Xbox” partner program.

The increase in number of error message 0x82d60002d occurrences on Xbox consoles was first reported by Windows Central, who also reached out and obtained a statement from a Microsoft spokesperson. The error message gives users a limited of time with the device after appearing (about two weeks) and then the console blocks the device. Microsoft went on to share that this is part of an effort to crack down on unauthorized third-party hardware being used with Xbox. Unfortunately, this means most brands that aren’t under the “Designed for Xbox” partner program, including Brooks converters, which are often used for fighting games.

A Brooks Wingman Converter for Xbox consoles
Brooks gamepad converters are among those third-party accessories that may be in danger of becoming useless with Xbox's new accessory-blocking policies.
Source: Brooks

Microsoft’s spokesperson provided the following statement on the error message, setting the deadline for use of unauthorized third-party accessories at November 12, 2023:

Despite Xbox’s explanation, there is concern among the community that this could be detrimental to players. As fighting game personality Maximillian Dood points out, it would do major damage to Xbox-based fighting game tournaments where players often bring their own gear. CEO organizer Alex Jebailey would also go on to lament on the wisdom of switching to Xbox-based events under these circumstances.

It seems doubtful that Xbox is willing to reverse course on this decision, but such as the case, Xbox console players are going to have to be careful with the gamepads and accessories they choose. Stay tuned as we follow this story for any further updates.

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