Teburu System dev on Vampire The Masquerade - Milan Uprising for the digital tabletop

We caught up to Teburu Ambassador Donald McIntyre III to talk about Vampire The Masquerade - Milan Uprising for the Teburu smart tabletop system.


The Teburu smart tabletop gaming system allows for digital boardgames to be played with local friends or across online multiplayer, and one of its next big projects is a new Vampire the Masquerade - Milan Uprising game. The game recently crossed a crowdfunding goal and is well on its way to development, but we recently got to catch up to Teburu Ambassador Donald McIntyre III to talk about the game, the system, how fans can find the game, and when it will be rolling out.

Vampire the Masquerade - Milan Uprising is the second game being developed by Teburu system developer Xplored for its smart tabletop game system. It was originally revealed alongside a Gamefound crowdfunding campaign that saw it meet its goals handily, but fans can still support with a late pledge on the campaign page. The game is a faithful adaptation of Vampire the Masquerade mechanics into a digital tabletop format where the game electronically acts as the game master and presents you with situations you must navigate as you play with decisions and dice rolls.

The Teburu smart tabletop system itself is a digital board game platform born out of the surge in demand for long-distance gaming during the pandemic. With this system, a game can be loaded in and the rules and interactions may change depending on what the game is. It’s meant to be modular and adaptive, so future games could be released on whatever version of the Teburu system you have. It’s also meant to be played either locally or online. You could feasibly start a game and play it in realtime online with another owner of the Teburu system. With that in mind, Vampire the Masquerade - Milan Uprising is looking like a very promising entry alongside a new way to engage with tabletop games. The game is currently expected to ship in September 2024.

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