The Super Mario Bros. Movie returns to Japanese theaters for limited-time 4D screenings

Nintendo's smash hit is having another run in select cinemas as part of a 4D experience.


It’s been about six months since The Super Mario Bros. Movie graced cinema screens, and since then it has garnered countless views across in-theater, on-demand, and even physical copies. But it looks like viewers in Japan will get to add one more counter to the score as a special version of the film is set to hit 4D-compatible locations.

Nintendo announced on October 3, 2023 that The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be returning to select cinemas in Japan for a special, limited-time viewing. These theaters offer 4D experiences, which will seek to heighten the already delightful experience that is the latest Mario movie.

Clear file showing Mario and Luigi with Super Mario Bros Plumbing written in the middle
A limited-availability clear file will be available to those who attend the screenings in Japan.
Source: Nintendo

The message, which was posted on the Nintendo Japan site, notes that the Super Mario Bros. Movie will only be in select 4D-compatible theaters for one week. Patrons in Japan will have from Friday, October 13 to Thursday, October 19 to get in and see the film one more time.

As for the version of the film being shown, it is what Nintendo refers to as the “Special Japanese Version”. On top of this, those who attend the screening will be able to get a clear file – a sort of collectible card – featuring retro-looking Mario and Luigi on what looks to be their business card. Nintendo notes that these clear files are of limited quantity, so anticipate them running out quickly!

Unfortunately, there’s no news as to whether or not regions outside of Japan will have another run of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. In the event it does come to other countries, we’ll be sure to let you know. Take a moment to read our review of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and check out our NTDOY page for everything relating to Nintendo’s finance side.

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