Meta announced multiple AI program rollouts during Meta Connect 2023

Emu, Meta AI, and further programs were unveiled during Meta Connect 2023, aimed at providing consumer and business-focused AI integration into Facebook and more.


During Meta Connect 2023, virtual reality products weren’t the only new things the company had on display; it also unveiled a wealth of AI programs for business and consumer purposes. Emu and Meta AI were among a collection of AI-powered programs that will be rolled out across Facebook, Instagram, and other apps in Meta’s ecosystem. They will range from answering various queries based on the data you provide, offering AI-generated stickers, and creating AI people to interact with in a variety of scenarios.

Meta’s collection of consumer and business AI programs being rolled out across its apps were revealed during the Meta Connect 2023 presentation on September 27, 2023. One of the biggest reveals of the presentation was Meta AI. At its most basic, Meta AI is utilized on Facebook and can allow you to ask various queries for which it will respond with relevant information or responses. At a more complex level, it can do things like make a virtual representation of Snoop Dogg that can act as a digital dungeon master to narrate a text-based adventure for you.

Snoop Dogg as your text-based adventure dungeon master in the new Meta AI programs
With the new Meta AI rollout, users will be able to utilize popular icons like Snoop Dogg in various activities like asking questions, having conversations, and doing text-based adventures.
Source: Meta

One of the main core components of Meta’s new AI programs is Emu, which is an image generation tool that will allow you to turn text prompts into unique, high-quality images. Emu is also utilized alongside Meta’s Llama 2 AI program to bring influential and popular celebrities to AI for your engagement across a multitude of activities, such as the Snoop Dogg text-based adventure above. Other celebrities involved in the program include Tom Brady, Kendall Jenner, Mr. Beast, and Naomi Osaka, as shared by Meta in an expanded explanation of the programs.

Meta AI and other programs in the company’s AI rollout will be available to use in WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, as well as on the new Meta Quest 3 and upcoming Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Stay tuned for more info and details leading up to the rollout of these programs.

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