How to open the vault in Dirty Ice - Payday 3

The vault in the Dirty Ice heist requires two inputs before it unlocks and the goods can be looted.


Dirty Ice is all about grabbing jewelry, checking it, and then getting out. However, players that want to earn the big bucks in Payday 3 will need to open the vault in the Dirty Ice heist. This vault is in the private area of the store and can be tough to open if you don’t know where to look.

Open the vault in Dirty Ice

A civilian presses a red button on a desk in the manager's office
While someone (or a civilian) is pressing the button, run over a use the red card on the keypad at the vault.
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The keypad by the vault with an icon on it
When the red button is pressed, the panel will be activated for a moment.
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To open the vault in Dirty Ice, you must have someone press the red button on the manager’s desk while another uses the red card on the vault control panel. These must happen simultaneously, meaning you cannot do it by yourself. If you are playing solo, grab a civilian and shove them at the button to make them press it while you use the red security card.

The basement with a door crossed out and one circled
Don't go in the door with the blue keypad (marked with a cross), go through the door that is circled to find the red security card.
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As for the location of the red security card, it is in the basement in the room that does not have the blue card keypad. To access the basement, you must know the four-digit pin for the lock. The pin code is either written on the break room white board, on a folder in the VIP showroom, or it’s the manager’s employee number. Check the manager’s computer to know which code is needed or look at the fingerprints on the keypad and work out which code it is.

Remember that you may need to take out a couple of security guards and security cameras in order to move around the basement and backrooms without being detected. Once you get this heist down to a fine art, it’s a great one to farm if you’re looking to level up weapons or even smash out challenges to increase Infamy and unlock all the skill points.

The Dirty Ice vault is one of the first dual-lock vaults in Payday 3. Make sure you’ve got someone to press the button on the manager’s desk and someone else with the red security card to use at the vault door, else it won’t open. Take a look at our Payday 3 page for help solving the tricky elements of the other heists.

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