How many skill points are in Payday 3?

Learn how many skill points are available and what Infamy levels they unlock at in Payday 3.


There are a lot of skill points in Payday 3 but players are curious to know exactly how many there are to unlock. On top of this, users want to know what Infamy levels reward skill points so they can look forward to honing their builds.

How many skill points in Payday 3

the skills screen in Payday 3
The top left of the Skills screen shows you how many skill points you have.
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At launch, there are 21 skill points in Payday 3 with the last skill point unlocking at Infamy level 100. This will mean you have all available skill points once you hit the soft cap and you can then start to digging into your builds and skill trees. The rewards from level 100 to level 150 offer no skill points.

Starbreeze notes that future updates for the game may increase the number of skill points available. “So we’re going to add extra skill points,” Miodrag Kovačević said in a Payday 3 developer diary. “And now the new soft cap is, for example, a hundred and ten and the new hard cap is 160, for example.” While these are just an example, it does mean players can anticipate the number of available skill points in Payday 3 to increase.

How skill points work

Unlike other games, skill points in Payday 3 can be reused. You can spend and refund a skill point as many times as you want. This lets you customize your builds however you please and does not lock you into one particular playstyle.

You can refund all of your spent skill points or refund individual points that are assigned to a skill. In the skill screen, press the appropriate button that is listed at the bottom of the screen. All of the base skills have a special Aced effect that activates when you assign two skill points to it.

How to level up Infamy

The challenges screen in Payday 3
Completing challenges awards Infamy points. Increasing your Infamy level awards skill points.
Source: Shacknews

To get skill points, you must increase your Infamy level – this much is obvious. However, it’s not immediately clear how to level up Infamy or it can be easy to miss the information. The only way to level up in Payday 3 and unlock new skill points is to complete challenges. There are hundreds of challenges and each one will reward a small amount of Infamy. If you’re trying to hit Level 100 and get the final skill point, try to focus on doing as many challenges as possible.

Now that you know how many skill points are in Payday 3, how to unlock skill points, and whether they can be reassigned, you can dive in and start focusing on completing your builds. Take a look at our Payday 3 page as we continue to dig into the game.

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