How to get C-Stacks - Payday 3

Stock up on C-Stacks in Payday 3 and unlock special cosmetic items and more.


C-Stacks, shorthand for Stacks, are Payday 3’s endgame currency. These precious coins are used to purchase unique and specialized gear. As players progress through the game, they’ll no doubt want to know the ins and outs of the currency including how to get C-Stacks, what they buy, and anything else they should learn. Additionally, the little coin icon beside the money counter, that's your C-Stack counter.

How to get C-Stacks

The currency broker screen showing C-Stacks being purchased
C-Stacks can be purchased from Setaggi at an increasing cost that is reset each week.
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C-Stacks ( Stacks) is an in-game currency in Payday 3 that is earned by completing challenges or purchasing it via the vendor Setaggi, the currency broker, using money you’ve earned from completing heists. C-Stacks are not a premium currency so you cannot buy them using real-world money.

Buying C-Stacks from Setaggi can be an expensive process as the exchange rate increases with each purchase. However, there are different quantities available to players. You can purchase C-Stacks three different ways: one at a time, stacks of five, or stacks of ten. Obviously the larger amount, the more cost efficient it becomes: one C-Stack costs $10,000, buying a group of five costs $45,000, while buying 10 at once costs $90,000.

As mentioned, each time you buy C-Stacks, the price will increase. For example, the sixth purchase of the 1 C-Stack option will cost you $150,000 and the seventh purchase will cost $200,000. Once you have purchased all eleven charges, you will be unable to buy anymore from that bundle. This limitation resets each week and is a way to control the economy of Payday 3.

What are C-Stacks for?

The purchase screen showing a pair of gloves being sold for C-Stacks
Some cosmetic items and special weapons are only available for purchase using C-Stacks.
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For the most part, you will use money you earn from heists to make purchases in Payday 3. However, there are special cosmetics, preset weapons, and the final upgrade components for each weapon that can only be purchased using C-Stacks. For example, most of the gloves can only be purchased using C-Stacks.

Earning a decent supply of C-Stacks in Payday 3 is going to take a whole lot of money. For this reason, it’s more of a late-game mechanic and one you should only begin to concern yourself with once you unlock all available skill points, bought all the weapons, and have started to craft your build. Be sure to check out our Payday 3 page as we continue to dive into this highly anticipated sequel.

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