EVE Vanguard first-person shooter spinoff gets first look at EVE Fanfest 2023

Developed in Unreal Engine 5, EVE Vanguard will put players behind the eyes of clone soldiers in squad and solo play, and a mass playtest is coming in December 2023.

Image via CCP Games

EVE Online features a beautiful universe full of player economies, fierce battles, and wild stories, but a new spinoff will take players from the depths of space to behind the eyes of soldiers fighting within its universe. At EVE Fanfest 2023, CCP Games unveiled the first look at EVE Vanguard. It’s an upcoming first-person shooter developed in Unreal Engine 5 that will co-exist with EVE Online and allow players to experience the universe in an all new and interesting way, plus a playtest is coming this year for EVE Online Omega players.

CCP revealed the first look and details of EVE Vanguard during the events of EVE Fanfest 2023. EVE Vanguard will allow players to take up the role of the titular Vanguard, which are clone soldiers built for war and fighting to regain their consciousness by completing high-danger contracts throughout the New Eden universe. The game can be played solo or with squads and will be a first-person shooter where players engage in tactical combat to gain resources and complete missions to upgrade their gear and weaponry. From the look of the demo, EVE Vanguard looks to be similar to extraction shooters. Enemies will include rival Vanguard squads, as well as foes composed of various factions throughout the EVE universe.

EVE Vanguard first-person-shooter gameplay screenshot
Similar to extraction shooters, players can run solo, or as part of squads and partake in varied missions that will be inspired by EVE Online events.
Source: CCP Games

Perhaps just as interesting is that CCP Games plans to give players a taste of what EVE Vanguard has to offer later this year. The developers announced that a mass playtest is planned to allow EVE Online Omega players to sample the game’s action in December 2023. Players will be able to learn more about the details and how to register for a chance at the action on the EVE Vanguard website. Moreover, those who enjoy playing EVE Online may be interested to know that Vanguard will be connected to the main game and may even influence EVE Online events, teasing that the first such event will be Frontline Corruption. Further events and connections between the two games will be developed once it launches.

With EVE Vanguard planned to have its mass playtest later this year, stay tuned for official dates. You can also check out further EVE Fanfest coverage right here at Shacknews.

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