Street Fighter 6 DLC character AKI gets late September release date

Utilizing poison, claws, and a variety of abnormal movement, AKI looks like she could be a deadly contender in Street Fighter 6's roster.


Street Fighter 6 is continuing to move along through its first season of DLC characters, and with AKI coming up next, we finally got a look at gameplay and her release date. True to suspicions AKI is very much like FANG from Street Fighter 5, but also so much more. Between short-range rapid attacks, long-range options, poison attacks, and unique movement, AKI will be making Street Fighter 6 fights a bit creepier when she launches at the end of September.

AKI’s gameplay and release date for Street Fighter 6 was revealed in a new trailer and post on the official Street Fighter Twitter late on August 30, 2023. Story-wise, AKI seems closely related to FANG. She utilizes poisons and features a variety of strange movement to study poison effects on targets and eliminate them. Gameplay-wise, that translates to a very unorthodox gameplay style. Up close, AKI can use her clawed fingers to hit opponents with rapid-fire strikes. From distance, she can utilize a whip-like weapon to strike at opponents. She can also slink along the ground in a very low-profile fashion, dodging most attacks before pouncing on opponents with her own attacks.

Street Fighter 6 AKI release date and gameplay tweet.
AKI will come to Street Fighter 6's playable roster on September 27, 2023.
Source: Capcom

AKI looks like a wild amalgam of playstyles, including Gen from early Street Fighter, Decapre from Ultra Street Fighter 4, and Poison from Street Fighter 5 to name a few. She also has use of damage-over-time attacks like FANG, being able to deploy poison balls and poison supers like him. These allow her to get damage in on her opponent even when she’s not actively hitting them.

AKI is scheduled to come to Street Fighter 6 on September 27, 2023. She’s the second DLC character for the game following Rashid’s release at the end of July. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Street Fighter 6 as it drops.

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