Epic First Run program offers devs 100% of sales for six months of EGS exclusivity

After six months, revenue from apps on Epic Games Store will revert back to an 88/12 split with devs getting the lion's share.


Epic Games is offering a new program to entice developers to bring apps over to its platform and start them out on Epic Games Store. Epic First Run is a new incentive program built to offer developers more revenue in exchange for giving Epic Games Store exclusivity of an app on PC for its first six months. For that exclusivity, Epic Games will give devs 100 percent of the revenue instead of the normal 88/12 split for those six months.

Epic Games announced the Epic First Run program in a press release on its website on August 23, 2023. According to the announcement, and as of today, third-party developers on the Epic Games Store platform can now opt into the new exclusivity deal. The broad strokes of the program are laid out just below:

Epic Games Store First Run Program FAQ
The Epic Games First Run Program announcement also features a FAQ section about the timing, the revenue split, and what apps are eligible.
Source: Epic Games

Epic Games goes on to claim that the new move is built to give entice developers to bring their projects front and center before a claimed 230 million users and 68 million monthly active users:

Epic has remained one of the few substantial PC app platforms that competes consistently with Steam, successfully or not, even going as far as to offer self-publishing tools to developers now. It will be interesting to see if this new program entices further developers to bring apps over to the EGS platform. Stay tuned as we follow this story for further updates.

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