Epic Games Store launches self-publishing tools for developers

Developers and publishers can now use tools to release games on the Epic Games Store.


Epic Games shared the exciting announcement today that self-publishing tools are now available for developers and publishers on the Epic Games Store. Using these tools, developers and publishers will be able to release games and maintain their store presence directly.

Understandably, it’s noted that games will need to meet a few key requirements in order to be published on the Epic Games Store. Included among these are the need for PC crossplay for multiplayer games, having Epic Games Store achievements enabled, and age rating for regional distribution.

Additionally, Epic Games won’t allow prohibited content on the store, and has the right to reject games if they aren’t of sufficient in quality or functionality.

Infograph showing the process of using self-publishing tools to publish games on the Epic Games Store from signing up to building a Coming Soon page
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The post from Epic Games goes on to explain a bit more about how the Developer Portal works for self-publishing while sharing details on publishers receiving 88 percent of revenue through games sold, and there being an option to use a 3rd-party payment solution to receive 100 percent of revenue from in-app purchases. 

For more on self-publishing on the Epic Games Store, be sure to read through the full post from Epic Games. Hungry for more Epic news? Check out some of our previous coverage as well, including Epic Games revealing a $10 million prize pool in its FNCS Global Championship 2023 roadmap, and Epic Games ordered to pay $520 million in a settlement to the FTC over alleged privacy violations and unwanted charges.

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