Killing Floor 3 revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023

Tripwire Interactive debuted the third game in the Killing Floor series at Gamescom.

Tripwire Interactive

Tuesday's Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation continued with another unexpected announcement of a series' third game. Tripwire Interactive revealed a new trailer for the latest installment of its PvE, Man vs. Zed mutant-slaying series Killing Floor 3.

The latest entry in the Killing Floor series, revealed during a new trailer that aired during Gamescom Opening Night Live, ventures into the future year of 2091. Horzine has created a killer army of Zeds and only the rebel group called Nightfall can stand against them. Up to six players can band togehter to take on waves of these newest breeds of Zeds while earning dosh and earning new abilities along the way.

The original Killing Floor released back in 2009 while its sequel, Killing Floor 2, hit in 2016. With another seven year period having passed, the time has come for the series' third title. Tripwire is touting Unreal Engine 5 support and plans to use it to create some of the most realistic (and gruesome) Killing Floor images to date. Given that Tripwire has continued to support Killing Floor 2 to this day, expect to see an ample amount of free and premium post-release content, as well.

Facing off against futuristic Zeds in Killing Floor 3

Source: Tripwire Interactive

There's no timetable for Killing Floor 3's release. Look for it to release sometime down the road on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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