Dark and Darker devs are gathering data to combat cheaters via a Discord bot

After a pledge to make combatting cheaters one of its priorities, Ironmace has deployed a Discord bot for players to report instances of cheating.


Dark and Darker has had an interesting run of development, but being available again means some of its players are trying to bend the rules to fit them and developer Ironmace isn’t having it. The developers recently addressed cheating in Dark and Darker, pledging to make combatting cheaters a priority, and they’ve deployed a Discord bot to allow players to report cheaters and help them gather data about how cheats are happening, what to look for, and how to combat it in the future.

Ironmace lead Graysun shared details about Dark and Darker’s efforts to combat cheaters in a recent Discord post, as reported by PCGamesN.

“Right now, we are fighting a difficult fight against cheaters as we gather information with Ironshield to deal with this situation,” Graysun wrote. “The fight against cheating is a serious priority for us, and to further support our community we will offer a Discord account you can directly message with your evidence of cheating for the next 30 days.”

Graysun's Discord message about cheaters and the Discord anti-cheat bot
Dark and Darker lead Graysun announced the launch of a temporary Discord bot to allow players to report cheaters and allow Ironmace to gain data to improve it's anti-cheat methods.
Source: Dark and Darker Discord

It’s an oddly limited time to report cheating, but it also remains to be seen what Ironmace does after that 30 days are up, whether they just launch another Discord bot or pursue other means of improving identification and punishment of cheaters. Dark and Darker has also had a very wild run since it stole the hearts of many players with its alpha demo earlier this year. The game was delisted from Steam after Nexon filed a cease and desist against Ironmace, claiming the latter had illegally used Nexon assets to create the game. Ironmace has fervently denied the allegations and continues to battle Nexon in court over the matter, but it has also released Dark and Darker back into early access on its own terms since the Steam delisting.

As the Ironmace devs continue to build Dark and Darker up, cheating remains one of the priorities it intends to address. It will remain to be seen if the current Discord bot will give them the data they need to be more effective, but hopefully we’ll hear more on the matter from Ironmace after this 30-day span on the bot wraps up.

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